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Introduction to MLB Betting in Vermont

MLB betting has captivated sports enthusiasts in Vermont, offering an exciting avenue for wagering on baseball games. Whether you’re a seasoned bettor or new to MLB betting, this comprehensive guide will provide valuable insights into the different types of MLB bets, tips for successful wagering, and recommendations for the best MLB sportsbooks available in Vermont.

Types of MLB Bets

  1. Moneyline

The moneyline bet is the most straightforward MLB wager, simply requiring you to pick which team will win the game outright. Each team is assigned odds that indicate their perceived likelihood of winning. Positive odds indicate an underdog, while negative odds represent the favorite. For example, if the New York Yankees have odds of -150 and the Boston Red Sox have odds of +200, the Yankees are favored to win.

  1. Run Line

The run line is a popular MLB bet that introduces a point spread to level the playing field between two teams. With the run line, the favored team must win by a specific number of runs, while the underdog can cover the spread by losing by a margin smaller than the assigned spread or winning the game outright.

  1. Over/Under

The over/under bet in MLB focuses on the total number of runs scored by both teams in a game. Oddsmakers set a specific number, and you bet on whether the actual total will be over or under that predetermined figure. For example, if the over/under for a game is set at 8.5 runs, you can bet on whether the combined score will be higher or lower than that number.

  1. Props

MLB prop bets allow you to wager on specific events or outcomes within a game that do not necessarily relate to the final result. These can include individual player performances, such as the number of strikeouts by a pitcher or the total bases by a batter, or team-specific achievements, like the number of home runs hit in a game or the first team to score.

Tips for Betting on MLB

  1. Research and Analysis

Thorough research and analysis are vital for making informed MLB bets. Stay updated on team news, injuries, player statistics, pitching matchups, and head-to-head records. By delving into the data and understanding the context surrounding a game, you can make more knowledgeable betting decisions.

  1. Follow Pitching Matchups

Pitching matchups play a significant role in MLB games. Consider the starting pitchers’ performance, statistics, and their historical success or struggles against specific teams. Pitching is a crucial aspect of the game, and recognizing favorable or unfavorable matchups can provide valuable insights for your bets.

  1. Pay Attention to Bullpen Strength

The strength of a team’s bullpen is another essential factor to consider in MLB betting. Assess the bullpen’s performance, ERA, and save percentage. A strong bullpen can help preserve leads or mount comebacks, while a weak bullpen may struggle to close out games. Monitoring bullpen strength can give you an edge in your betting decisions.

  1. Home Field Advantage

Home field advantage can have a significant impact in MLB games. Some teams perform exceptionally well at home, benefiting from the support of their fans and familiarity with their ballpark. Consider a team’s home and away records, along with their historical success in their home stadium, when making your betting choices.

Best MLB Sportsbooks in Vermont

  1. BetOnline

BetOnline is a reputable online sportsbook that offers a comprehensive MLB betting experience. They provide competitive odds, a user-friendly interface, and a reliable platform for Vermont bettors. Additionally, BetOnline offers enticing bonuses and promotions that enhance your MLB betting experience.

  1. Bovada

Bovada is a popular choice among MLB bettors, known for its extensive MLB betting markets and user-friendly interface. They offer competitive odds,

a wide range of bet types including moneyline, run line, over/under, and props. Bovada also provides live betting options, allowing you to place wagers on MLB games as they unfold.

  1. DraftKings

DraftKings is a leading sports betting platform that offers a comprehensive MLB betting experience. They provide a wide range of bet types, including moneyline, run line, over/under, and player props. DraftKings is known for its user-friendly interface, innovative features, and daily fantasy sports contests that add an extra layer of excitement to MLB betting.

  1. FanDuel

FanDuel is another top-rated sportsbook that caters to MLB bettors in Vermont. They offer a user-friendly platform, competitive odds, and a diverse range of betting options. FanDuel provides enticing promotions and bonuses, including daily odds boosts and risk-free bets, enhancing your MLB betting experience.

  1. BetMGM

BetMGM is a trusted sportsbook that offers a comprehensive MLB betting platform. They provide a wide array of bet types, including moneyline, run line, and over/under. BetMGM also offers live betting options, allowing you to wager on MLB games in real-time. They provide attractive promotions, including deposit match bonuses and free bets, maximizing your potential for profitability.


MLB betting presents an exhilarating opportunity for Vermont sports enthusiasts. By understanding the various types of MLB bets, implementing effective betting strategies, and utilizing reputable sportsbooks, you can enhance your chances of success in MLB wagering. Remember to conduct thorough research, follow pitching matchups, pay attention to bullpen strength, and consider home field advantage. With the recommended sportsbooks like BetOnline, Bovada, DraftKings, FanDuel, and BetMGM, you can enjoy a rewarding MLB betting experience in Vermont. Embrace the thrill of MLB betting while applying sound strategies to maximize your profitability and elevate your overall betting journey.

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