In this video, Chet Holmgren gets a Summer League block or the OKC Thunder. Holmgren was the 2nd pick in the 2022 NBA Draft out of Gonzaga. Since he missed all of last season, the 2023/24 NBA season will be his rookie campaign. Holmgren is the third favorite by betting odds to win Rookie of the Year next season with bet365 sportsbook.

In this video, a YouTube user with a penchant for evaluating contracts offers his opinions on recent deals. Was Kyrie Irving a good signing? What about Dillon Brooks? The commentator seems to think that Irving was a good contract for the Dallas Mavericks but that the Houston Rockets picking up Dillon Brooks was not.

One thing that could be pointed out is the respective ages of the two signed players. Kyrie Irving is 31 years old and he signed a three-year deal. You have to wonder what his production will be like at the tail end of the deal. However, you can also see why the Mavericks had to make the signing for reasons that the YouTube user points out.

Dillon Brooks is an NBA player still in his prime. He will turn 28 years old over the course of the next season. Signing him to a four-year deal is signing him through the remainder of his best years. Brooks did decline last season from some statistical perspectives. Then again, there is a risk with any signing.

Charles Barkley used to shower in his uniform? Viral Basketball Shorts

Charles Barkley had some ‘when I was your age’ claims that @ecrusport YouTube user decided to highlight in a video that’s enjoyed some clicks. Charles Barkley, a player that was popular in the 1990s, claimed that he used to shower in his own uniform back in the day. This, according to his remarks, was an efficient way of cleaning it to prevent it from getting “funky.” Unfortunately, Barkley played before cell phones became popular and he doesn’t have any videos to prove his claims.

Reminder: People Will Watch Anything

Over 55,000,000 people have watched the following short for some reason. Perhaps even more perplexing is that some 3,000,000 people actually bothered to like it. It’s not clear what’s going on: some basketball players attempt to hit shots but other players keep moving the rim. Doesn’t seem to prove all that much but 55,000,000 clicks is a recipe for success that you don’t mess with, apparently.