In recent NFL headlines from yesterday, it seems that Saquon Barkley is questionable for Week 1. However, that’s not due to injury but rather it’s due to his contract negotiations. Jordan Ranaan, writing at ESPN on July 12th, headlined: “Source: Week 1 in jeopardy if no long-term deal for Saquon Barkley.”

Barkley, affectionately known as “Saquads” due to his strong running game, is the running back for the New York Giants. He enjoyed a comeback season in 2022/23 after some inconsistency to start his career. New York’s chances will definitely dive if they are not able to offer Barkley a deal.

NFL News: Breece Hall foresees a good NYJ offense

Another running back in the NFL made some news on July 12th. At, Breece Hall’s name came up. Hall was a rookie sensation for the New York Jets last season. However, he suffered an injury, one that hurt NY’s chances of making the playoffs. Of course, in old news, the Jets acquired Aaron Rodgers over the offseason. Hall is quoted in the article (July 12th/Coral Smith):

“I mean with the offense we have right now, I think we have an answer for everything,” the young running back said. “If you don’t want to load the box, Aaron’s going to get the ball off all day, if you do we’ve got the RPOs and we’ve got him to take shots, and we have the receivers that are going to make plays for us, as well. And if the offense is struggling, we have the backbones of our defense to rely on, so we’re excited for that, for sure.”

Breece Hall

Those are confident words out of Hall. Certainly, not every team has players that talk like that. Rodgers is well past his prime so pocket protection will be important to keep him from getting injured. But the combination of a strong passing game and a strong running game, which Hall would be central to, makes the Jets a threat. Their regular-season win total is set at 9.5 with bet365 (-140). Breece Hall is 25 to 1 to win the Comeback Player of the Year in 2023/24. That makes him the 9th favorite for the title, one that recognizes a player that has a good season after a poor one or an injury-riddled one.

Alvin Kamara caught on camera

Alvin Kamara, the dynamic running back for the New Orleans Saints, pled in connection to a scuffle he was allegedly caught up in last year. As part of his resolution, Kamara has agreed to complete 30 hours of community service and pay the medical bills of the alleged victim, totaling $105,000. This incident came to light in November 2022. There was a video, purportedly showing Kamara throwing a punch at a man in a Las Vegas hotel. We embedded a tweet with the video below.

Looking ahead, Kamara’s odds of leading the NFL in rushing yards for the upcoming 2023/24 season are set at 30 to 1 (bet365’s futures). This places him among the peripheral contenders. Currently, Nick Chubb holds the lead position in this market, although he faces stiff competition with odds of +650 against the rest of the field. There is some question as to whether Kamara will also face a suspension in the NFL in addition to his legal matters. If so, then even 30 to 1 could be viewed as short odds in the market for him.

Kentucky Sports Betting Launch Aims for NFL Week 1

The NFL scene has been relatively quiet lately. There was a small news tidbit from earlier this week worth mentioning. The state of Kentucky, which recently legalized sports betting, is all set to launch its operations on September 7th. That date coincides with the start of the 2023 NFL season. The Thursday night game in Week 1 will feature the Kansas City Chiefs and the Detroit Lions. The Lions, who came on strong last season during the second half, are +7.0 underdogs in the game (bet365).

As the reigning Super Bowl champions, the Chiefs have a reputation that precedes the upcoming season. But it’s not the game against the Lions that most fans are thinking about at this time. One particular game that has caught some attention is the matchup between the Chiefs and the Cincinnati Bengals in December.

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