There has not been a lot of NBA news in recent days. Before getting to the minor recent headlines, which are of the gossipy sort, we’ll recap some of the news from last week.

Recent NBA News…From Last Week

The Cleveland Cavaliers won the NBA’s Summer League last week. They went 6-0 to claim the event, which saw the emergence of Isaiah Mobley.

Mobley may have proven that he is worthy of more minutes in the games that matter with his play in the Summer League. A second-year player out of USC, it will be interesting to see what his peak is. Cleveland fans should be optimistic that they have a player that can help off of the bench. The Cavaliers have a win total of 50.5 for the next season (bet365), implying that they will go 50-32 or 51-31 or something close to that.

In other news from last week, the OKC Thunder signed Mark Daigneault. He had a very good coaching season last year. He looks like he will have more chess pieces on the board in 2023/24 as Chet Holmgren looks to make his mark. The rookie missed all of last season due to injury.

Basketball fans will be able to enjoy basketball of the FIBA variety soon. Next month’s world championship will feature a host of NBA players. The tournament will run from August 25th to September 10th. FIBA has some rule differences from the NBA. For instance, FIBA three-pointers are a lot closer, there’s one less foul before disqualification, and the game is a little shorter. One interesting FIBA rule is that you can touch a ball as soon as it touches the rim, including if it is rolling around. In the NBA, “you can’t do that,” at least that’s what the fans will be chanting if you try.

Trade Rumors Circulating

There are a couple of trade rumors going around the NBA. James Harden remains an item for discussion with the Philadelphia 76ers. It’s not clear if he will remain with the team for the start of the season. Furthermore, Pascal Siakam is among the trade rumors. Currently, he is a member of the Toronto Raptors. The franchise feels like they are getting ready for a rebuild. Their win total is currently at 36.5 with bet365, a target that might be high given the franchise’s direction.

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