The big news in the NBA over the last day came out of LeBron James. There was some small talk that he might retire during the offseason. However, that may have been just for publicity.

James announced at the ESPY’s on Wednesday night that he was not retiring. James’ speech was a little less than humble when he won an ESPY. He acknowledged himself as a spectacle that fans should feel fortunate to watch.

“I don’t care how many more points I score or what I can or cannot do on the floor,” the NBA’s all-time leading scorer said. “The real question for me is: Can I play without cheating this game? The day I can’t give everything on the floor is the day I’ll be done. Lucky for you guys, that day is not today.”

Look for his 21st season to be injury-filled, noting that he only contested 55 games last season. He and Anthony Day-to-Davis were fixtures on the injury report. If managed correctly, however, James could still feature in a title run. The Lakers, who are 7th favorites for the NBA title (bet365), will need to manage his workload to peak him for the playoffs in order for that to happen.

That James will play an extra season will also cushion his lead on the all-time scorer’s list. There is no one on the radar to pass James any time soon. Kevin Durant is currently 13th on the list but it would take seven or eight seasons of effective play to threaten LeBron’s current total.

Recent NBA News: Summer League results

The Houston Rockets continue to rip up the NBA’s Summer League. They posted a 118-101 victory on Thursday night over Golden State. Houston is now 4-0 in the Summer League. The Rockets only went seven deep for players getting playing time in the game.

Cleveland, Atlanta, Brooklyn, and Miami were among the other Summer League winners. Meanwhile, the Toronto Raptors fell to 0-4 with an overtime loss to the Brooklyn Nets. Toronto is a team that we’ve picked on lately in our betting-tip section. As we predicted, Gradey Dick did not play much on Thursday. In fact, he was a DNP due to the coach’s decision (Dick played big minutes the night before).

NBA News from Earlier this Week

In news from a couple of days ago, there were some rule changes in the NBA. Flopping is penalizing a little extra harder now. Furthermore, it’s possible for NBA coaches to have an extra challenge in the upcoming season. Also, from earlier this week, Kristaps Porzingis extended his deal with the Boston Celtics.

Furthermore, the situation with Damian Lillard in Portland remains unchanged. Lillard’s name keeps showing up in the news in conjunction with the Miami Heat as a possible trade destination. If the Trail Blazers are looking to school anyone on a trade, then it won’t be the Heat as President Pat Riley simply brings way too much experience to the table for that to happen.

Lastly, we are still going to plug for Richard Jefferson’s explanation of the NBA in-season tournament. Fans are confused because they think that the in-season tournament means more games in the schedule. It does NOT mean this in group play. The regular-season games will double as group play results, a point that fans need to be aware of if they are going to understand what’s going on in the NBA this upcoming season.