The news may not be related to gameplay, signings, and trade news. However, the biggest headline affiliated with the NBA has to do with Victor Wembanyama and none other than Britney Spears, the iconic pop star from the late 1990s and the early parts of this century. The two were involved in some kind of tabloid-worthy interaction. For serious NBA fans, it will tilt a little to the frivolous side.

Wembanyama, who would be easy to recognize at 7’5″, claimed that someone grabbed him from behind while he was in Las Vegas. From ESPN on Thursday: “San Antonio Spurs rookie Victor Wembanyama said Thursday he believes Britney Spears grabbed him from behind as he was walking into a restaurant at a Las Vegas casino, and that the security detail he was with pushed the pop star away.”

Spears denies that she grabbed him but countered that she simply tapped him to get his attention. She took to social media to address the matter. In a tweet from Thursday from her verified account, Spears said she “recognized an athlete,” presumingly Wembanyama, and “decided to approach him” to “congratulate him.” Wembanyama recently went No. 1 in the 2023 NBA Draft.

The entire tweet is embedded below. In it, Spears indicates that she has been swarmed before.

Recent NBA Headlines – Damian Lillard trade gossip

In news that has more to do with what the standings will look like next season, Damian Lillard remained in trade rumors on Thursday. Late on Thursday, Canada’s TSN headlined: “Where do things stand in the Damian Lillard trade talks?”Adrian Wojnarowski appeared in a video where he spoke about the trade situation.

What fans can expect is that, basically, the Portland Trail Blazers are going to be looking out for No. 1. That meanslooking out for themselves, in any trade involving Lillard. That sets up an age-old scenario where a team, in this case, the Blazers, tries to offload an aging player on the edge of his prime to a team that wants to win right now.

Dejounte Murray seems happy to be in Atlanta

As for actually done deals, Dejounte Murray is set to remain a member of the Atlanta Hawks for the next four years. Shams Charania tweeted “Atlanta Hawks All-Star Dejounte Murray and CEO of Klutch Sports Rich Paul are finalizing a four-year, $120 million veteran maximum extension with the franchise,” news that Charania seems to have learned from The Athletic.

Murray played last season with Atlanta and his statistical averages were down relative to the previous season with San Antonio. The decline was in terms of scoring average, rebounding average, and assists average.

However, Murray was playing alongside Trae Young. It often happens that when two stat-machines go into the same starting lineup the stats change for the worse. That can be true even if both are playing well.

Yet, it remains unclear where Atlanta is going with this duo. They barely made the playoffs last season. The 2023/24 NBA season will have Quin Snyder running the show from opening night. Snyder replaced Nate McMillan last season.