The NBA announced the details of what the in-season tournament will look like on July 8th, 2023. This event is not to be confused with the play-in tournament. Here are some bullet points for NBA fans wondering what this event, the in-season tournament, will look like.

The reward for winning the tournament is a substantial amount of money and a prestigious Golden Cup trophy. The winning team’s players will receive a generous bonus of $500,000 each, while the players on the second-place team will earn $200,000. Those whose teams were eliminated in the semifinals will be granted $100,000, and those from the quarterfinals will receive $50,000. The tournament includes all 30 NBA teams and takes place during November and December. It consists of a group stage and a knock-out stage, with the group stage games also counting as regular-season games. The semifinals and championship will be held at T-Mobile Arena, with the semifinals divided by conference.

If it all seems confusing, check out’s post on the matter.

NBA Headlines: $500,000 is substantial for a lot of players

The $500,000 bonus is a huge bonus for a player on the winning team. While it might not be a game changer for players like LeBron James, Steph Curry, or Kevin Durant, there are a lot of players that are in the NBA making $3M per season or less. Can you imagine riding the pine for a contender and seeing the potential for your income to increase by about 17%? Possibly based on the outcome of a late-game shot or defensive stand? That income is a huge swing for some players.

Will other major-league sports try to counter this?

That the NBA can offer this kind of event with this kind of prize money speaks to the popularity of the sport and the NBA. The NFL isn’t in a position to outduel this because the game of gridiron football is so aggressive that they can nil afford to add more games to their schedule, one that already saw an increase in recent seasons.

Will the NHL stand pat? It’s already clear enough that hockey is nowhere near the other sports in America for popularity. Will the NHL take yet another hit during the key games of the in-season tournament? You might think so.

What will betting action look like?

Betting odds for this event, including futures odds, are likely to follow from major sportsbooks. It has been stated time and time again that the NBA is modeling this in-season tournament after major soccer leagues in Europe. The in-season tournaments in those leagues do have their own betting futures markets that are separate from the league championship outrights. Our early prediction is that Boston will play one of the LA-based teams for the cup.

Other recent NBA Headlines

The announcement of the play-in tournament was the NBA news of the day for July 8th, 2023. Otherwise, it’s mainly just old news in the association.

For those not following daily, there was some Victor Wembanyama-drama recently involving him and Britney Spears. She tried to approach the No. 1 pick in Vegas only to have security forces deny her and much-adieu-about-nothing resulted. Then Wembanyama couldn’t hit his shots in a Summer League game. He went 2 for 13 and got dunked on. There should be a special place in basketball hell for a 7’5″ player that gets dunked on by a Charlotte Hornet in NBA Summer League.

Greg Popovich to stick around still

Wembanyama’s coach, Greg Popovich, isn’t retiring. He just signed on for five more years. If Wembanyama isn’t a bust, then Popovich is the man that’s needed to bring a title back to the San Antonio Spurs.

“Popovich’s deal is worth more than $80 million, sources told ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski, surpassing the value of Monty Williams’ six-year, $78.5 million deal he signed earlier this summer with the Detroit Pistons.”

Lastly, Scoot Henderson is listed as “out” on his ESPN profile. He suffered an injury on Friday in another Summer League game.

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