The state of Vermont has legalized sports betting. It is expected to launch in early 2024, in time for the 2023/24 NFL playoffs. There was recent news for a nearby state on the same subject. The state of Maine is expected to launch sports betting later in 2023. As currently projected, Maine appears as though it will beat Vermont to the punch.

The state of Maine’s Gambling Control Unit announced on Monday that they would launch sports betting in November. For a part of the USA where baseball fans are partial to Boston-based teams, that will be too late for the Major League Baseball season. However, NFL football and NBA basketball will be ago at that point. The Boston Celtics and the New England Patriots are the teams of choice in this part of the USA. Furthermore, as a northern state, ice hockey is a little more popular in Maine relative to other parts of the USA.

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Sports Betting in Maine Involves Native American Reservations

The Gambling Control Unit takes charge of all things related to sports wagering in Maine. The body is responsible for ensuring that laws and rules governing this industry are administered and enforced. They work to ensure a fair and regulated environment for all involved in the world of sports wagering.

Maine’s model for sports betting follows earlier precedents in American history and gambling. Native American tribes have long established casinos on their reservations or on tribal lands in various parts of the USA.

Governor Janet Mills, of the Democratic Party, gave her stamp of approval to the bill legalizing sports betting in May of 2022. This eventually became law in August of the same year. This progressive state legislation grants the four Native American tribes in Maine the exclusive privilege of engaging in online sports betting. Additionally, it opens up the opportunity for sports enthusiasts to place their bets at the state’s two casinos, with plans to expand to five off-track betting sites in the near future.