The Washington Commanders aren’t the most organized NFL franchise heading into the 2023/24 NFL season. The start of their regular season is less than two months away. They may be fortunate to have a home game against a weak opponent to open their season. However, the Commanders will still need to be sharp in Week 1 when they host the Arizona Cardinals.

Washington Commanders betting: ownership confusion only hurts

What makes Washington a little bit on the disorganized side? This a franchise with ownership woes.

Mark Maske and Nicki Jhabvala recently headlined an article on the Washington Post’s website: “Legal snags between NFL, Snyder threaten to complicate Commanders sale” (July 13th, 2023). The article states that the complications have something to do with the emails associated with Jon Gruden’s 2021 resignation when he was with the LA Raiders.

Washington has a win total of just 6.5 as of mid-July. While you never really want to back a team with ownership in disarray, this may be an exception. A win total of 6.5 looks low for the situation at hand.

Back the defense but the QB situation is not that bad

Firstly, Washington’s QB situation might not seem that great to some. They are going to Sam Howell, who only appeared in one game last season. Furthermore, he wasn’t that good in that single appearance. However, if Howell is a bust, then Washington has a decent backup QB in Jacoby Brissett. The playoffs will be hard for this franchise but remember they have a low total for wins projected. For the task at hand for their win total OVER/UNDER, Washington’s QB situation isn’t that bad.

Secondly, there is the team defense to consider. More than one source has identified the Washington Commanders as a solidly built defensive unit. Jack Garry, writing at, listed the Washington Commanders as the 7th-ranked team in the NFL for defense. He called them a “sleeper team when considering its defensive potential compared to expectations” (July 12th, 2023 updated).

When it comes to OVER/UNDER for win totals, you want some margin for error. If you take the OVER for 6.5, you need them to go 7-10 or better. To add in some safety margins, could you reasonably peg Washington as an 8-9 team in the upcoming season? A defense that’s well above average and a quarterbacking situation with a backup plan if the QB1 stinks don’t look that bad.

It may be the middle to end of the season when Washington plays their best. Especially given the situation with the tangled ownership here in July. However, they have a weak schedule to start the season with Arizona and Denver. Our recommendation is to take Washington to beat 6.5 at EVEN odds with bet365 sportsbook. We make an 8-win season the most likely result for this team.

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