The All-Star break will soon be over. One team that will be back in action on Friday is the Tampa Bay Rays. They are a team that needs to turn things around if they are going to beat their current win total with bet365. That firm has Tampa Bay set at 95.5 wins this season. The odds on the UNDER are set at EVEN (+100).

Tampa Bay Rays: key injuries

The Tampa Bay Rays are a team with some injury problems. These can be reviewed at Fox Sports, but include an injury to ace Shane McClanahan. Those that want to back the Rays can ground some hope in those injuries healing. However, injuries are a very tricky thing.

Firstly, a player returning from injury doesn’t necessarily play well immediately on his return. Secondly, injuries can reoccur or teams can suffer new injuries. If you are starting the second half of the season with injuries to key players, then you are starting in a deficit. Hoping for TB’s injury reserve to shrink and for the team to then beat 95.5 for a win total seems a little far-fetched.

Tampa Bay Rays: 38-31 too much to ask for?

The Rays are currently 58-35 through 93 games this season. To get to 96 wins, they would need to go 38-31 or better in their remaining games. A sharp change in form would be required for that to happen.

The Rays lost seven of eight heading into the break. Furthermore, they don’t have an easy schedule in the upcoming weeks. True, they begin the second half of the season with a series against KC. However, then it’s Texas, Baltimore, Miami, Houston, and New York. That’s a tough stretch of opponents except for KC. You have to think that the win total will be lowered in the weeks ahead.

That Tampa Bay has the potential to turn things around is not to be labeled as impossible. But from most points of view, a 96-win season looks really high. If Tampa Bay does turn things around, it would likely be later as opposed to sooner.

This is a team that should have a win total no higher than 91.5 at the moment. Our recommendation is to take the UNDER on this club with bet365 at EVEN odds.