The National League defeated the American League in the All-Star Game on Tuesday night. That was among the recent headlines in the Major League Baseball news. Soon, teams will resume their regular-season games, including the St. Louis Cardinals. The Cards are one of the teams that are thought to be possible sellers as the August 1st, 2023 trade deadline nears.

The Cardinals are dead last in the NL Central division. They look up at all of Cincinnati, Milwaukee, Chicago, and even Pittsburgh. With a .422 winning percentage through 90 games, you have to wonder how many St. Louis will win for the balance of the season. Have a look at the chart below, which shows this team has struggled badly over the last month and a half.

St. Louis Cardinals: Record since May 28th, 2023

  • Were 24 – 30 on May 28th, 2023
  • Now 38 – 52 (overall)
  • Recent form: 14 – 22 since May 28th, 2023
  • Recent winning rate: .389

This is a team with 72 games remaining in their season. If they are, in fact, trade deadline sellers, then you could only expect them to play worse after the All-Star break. What would this team look like, for instance, if it traded away Nolan Arenado for future picks?

St. Louis Cardinals would be much worse without Nolan Arenado

Arenado’s name has surfaced in trade rumors, making a post-Arenado Cardinals team worthy of consideration. The Cards would lose a .850-OPS hitter. If St. Louis gave up Arenado, then we could be looking at a St. Louis team that might only get 27 or 28 wins for the balance of the season, playing uninspired baseball.

Is somewhere between 65 and 70 wins out of the question for this team? The answer has to be no.

The team’s season-long win total with bet365 stands at 75.5, putting them in a challenging position. To surpass this mark, they must achieve a record of 38-42 in their remaining games or better. Frankly, it seems like a daunting task for this team. We must suggest considering the UNDER option for those looking to make a futures bet on St. Louis. The line is available at odds of -110.

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