The San Francisco Giants have been on an impressive winning streak, with a recent surge in form that has seen them turn their season around. On May 15th, 2023, they had a disappointing record of 17 wins and 23 losses. However, since then, they have been on fire, winning 37 out of their last 55 games.

This remarkable turnaround has propelled them to an overall record of 54 wins and 41 losses, putting them in a strong position in their division, the NL West. Their recent winning rate stands at an impressive .673 (ie. their winning rate since May 15th), which is a testament to their improved performance and determination. The Giants’ recent form serves as an alarm bell for bettors that think this run of strong play is indicative of how they will do in the weeks ahead.

San Francisco Giants remain in Cincinnati

The Giants are currently engaged in a series against the Cincinnati Reds. The Cincinnati Reds seem to be going through a rough patch of games right now. They have experienced a disappointing losing streak of five games since the All-Star break. On Tuesday, Cincinnati faced defeat in two games against the Giants, causing their overall season record to drop to 50-46.

For those interested in the latest developments among NL teams, two powerhouses to watch out for are the Philadelphia Phillies and the San Francisco Giants. The Phillies have been on a remarkable winning streak, securing four consecutive victories and grabbing the last spot in the Wild Card standings for the time being.

Meanwhile, the Giants have been displaying an unbeatable performance since the All-Star break. San Fran currently has a seven-game winning streak active. The Giants are refusing to back down and they are staying neck and neck with the LA Dodgers in the NL West. Meanwhile, the Arizona Cardinals seem to be fading in that divisional race.

The Giants will face the Reds in two more games as they look for a series victory against Cincinnati. At this time, our recommendation is to take the Giants at odds of +550 to win the NL West with Unibet.