The Milwaukee Brewers are currently in a tough series. They lost on Friday night to the Atlanta Braves, the team with the most wins so far this season. The two teams will resume their series on Saturday evening. The Brewers are underdogs at +175 as they hold on to the slimmest of leads in the NL Central division.

The Brewers have spent the entire season favored to make the playoffs. However, futures bettors should be looking at them to miss the playoffs instead.

Firstly, the Brewers have just a 0.5-game lead on the Cincinnati Reds. If you look at the last couple of months and then some, Cincinnati has been the better team. If Milwaukee didn’t do a number on Cincinnati in heads-up games, then it wouldn’t even be close. But the two teams don’t face one another again this season.

That the Brewers could lose their division is certainly on the radar. But can Milwaukee drop down in the Wild Card race? You be the judge but consider the chart below while you deliberate.

Milwaukee Brewers: Recent Form Alert

  • Formerly: 18 – 9 on April 30th, 2023
  • Currently: 57 – 47 (overall)
  • Recent form: 39 – 38 since April 30th, 2023
  • Recent winning rate: .506

Our Projected NL Playoff Qualifiers

  1. Atlanta Braves – by virtue of winning the NL East
  2. Los Angeles Dodgers or San Francisco Giants – by virtue of winning the NL West
  3. Cincinnati Reds – by virtue of winning the NL Central
  4. Los Angeles or San Francisco – by virtue of the No. 1 Wild Card
  5. Philadelphia Phillies – by virtue of the No. 2 Wild Card
  6. Chicago Cubs – by virtue of the No. 3 Wild Card

Milwaukee had a very good April…and that’s it

When just adjust off nearly all of April, Milwaukee is a pretty basic team. How you start definitely counts but the Brewers, in the last three months, have not done much more than play .500 baseball. If you apply that average to their remaining games, then you can see how they might slip in both the NL Central and the NL Wild Card.

Currently, there are six teams in the NL Wild Card that have a reasonable chance of claiming one of the top three spots. The Reds are among these six but you can switch Milwaukee for Cincinnati based on how tight the NL Central is. Philadelphia has made a bit of a charge lately. The Chicago Cubs have as well. Arizona, Miami, and San Francisco haven’t played awesome since the All-Star break but they remain in the mix.

The odds of Milwaukee missing the playoffs are long enough to dabble in. They are +310 to MISS the playoffs with bet365. With 58 games to go, you can see how they might end up somewhere in the 84-to-86-win range. That puts them on the 50/50 bubble and makes odds longer than EVEN look pretty good. Our recommendation is to go against Milwaukee and take +310 for them to miss out on the postseason.