Could the Indianapolis Colts be the worst team in the NFL this season? Some would say yes. In fact, they are tied for third in the bet365 futures market to have the Worst Record in the NFL. It goes Arizona Cardinals (+250), Houston Texans (+800), and then there are four teams at +1100, including Indianapolis. Let’s take a look at what’s gone wrong so far with the Colts.

Indianapolis Colts Have Runningback Drama

In recent NFL news, running back Zach Moss suffered a broken arm. He is expected to miss 4-6 weeks according to multiple sources. Moss is the team’s RB2 heading into the preseason.

On that matter, Indianapolis’ RB1 has plenty of drama surrounding him. Jonathan Taylor, a threat to lead the NFL in rushing yards, is the best player on the team. There are thoughts that this player might be injured. Also, he’s in a contract standoff.

It’s not clear what the resolution could be but a trade might be in the cards. Jeff Kerr headlined at CBS Sports “Colts’ Jonathan Taylor requests trade: RB denies back injury that reportedly has team considering NFI list” (July 31st, 2023). Taylor and the Colts don’t seem like they are getting along at all. Basically, there’s drama with the RB1 and the RB2. Teams don’t usually have a good RB3, let alone a good RB4.

Gardner Minshew leading a rag-tag offense?

Also, the Indianapolis Colts have Gardner Minshew as their starting quarterback. That right there could be good for a 2-15 season. He made No. 34 in one pundit’s quarterback rankings (NBC Sports). That kind of ranking would imply that he should not be starting in the NFL.

Minshew was the QB2 in Philadelphia last season. At one point the Eagles were 13-1. Then Minshew started two games. Then the Eagles were 13-3. They gave the ball back to Jalen Hurts. Then the Eagles almost won the Super Bowl. Minshew had more to work with in Philly than he’ll have in Indianapolis.

The head coach of the Indianapolis Colts is Shane Steichen. He has no head coaching record. He was the Offensive Coordinator for the Philadelphia Eagles last season. As stated, they had a successful season but Steichen had a lot more to work with.

Indianapolis Colts might go 2-15

A rookie coach, a quarterback that isn’t of starter quality, and a running back situation with injuries and contract drama. The Colts look like they will need a stellar defense in order to stay in games. One list of defensive rankings has the team as 27th league-wide.

When you look at it all, this could be a very painful season. The Colts have an OVER/UNDER set a 6.5 for a win total (UNDER at +100). You could go with that or you could go with +1100 for them to have the worst record this season. For the latter betting line, some attention needs to be paid to the other teams.

Arizona, the favorite to be the worst, still has Kyler Murray. Yes, he’s injured but you could still expect him to play well at the back end of the season. You don’t need too many wins to avoid the NFL’s basement.

Meanwhile, the Houston Texas have the No. 2 pick, CJ Stroud, from the 2023 NFL Draft as their QB1. That’s a more confident arm than Gardner Minshew for sure. Even if Stroud is a bust, QB2 Davis Mills has 28 games of experience to build off of now.

Our recommendation is just to recognize all the turmoil that Indianapolis is in right now. Go against them by taking 11 to 1 to have the worst record in the NFL this season.