The game between the Detroit Tigers and the Miami Marlins is scheduled to start soon (6:40 PM ET). Accordingly, we’ll get right to the main point when it comes to offering our Detroit vs Miami prediction for this July 28th, 2023 game.

We’re thinking that the Marlins could win this one comfortably. Accordingly, we’re thinking that odds of +145 on Miami to cover a -1.5 spread is definitely the way to go in this game for betting value (bet365). Our reasoning is below.

Miami Marlins: The Better-Rested Team

The Detroit Tigers find themselves in quite a tough spot when it comes to their scheduling. For their fans, it would be unfortunate to consider the circumstances they are currently facing. These are circumstances that might hinder their preparedness for the upcoming game against Miami on Friday.

Detroit endured a grueling doubleheader in their hometown on Thursday. These were two games that were far from favorable when it came to the final result. The LA Angels mercilessly dominated both games, leaving Detroit in utter defeat with a staggering score of 17-4 in the two games combined. As if that weren’t enough, the Tigers found themselves facing time-consuming travel to Miami for their next game, scheduled for Friday at 6:40 PM ET.

This demanding schedule will surely put the Tigers to the test. However, they aren’t exactly the kind of team that just rises to the occasion.

Detroit Tigers About to Fall Flat?

Detroit finds itself in a rather precarious position. With a current win-loss record that puts them 11 games below .500, their chances of making it to the playoffs seem rather bleak. The only glimmer of hope they have lies in the fact that they belong to the AL Central division, where the ‘dominant’ Minnesota Twins ‘boast’ an ‘impressive’ .519 winning percentage. However, after suffering two consecutive losses on Thursday, Detroit’s team spirit may have hit rock bottom. Chances are this Detroit time is about to tap out.

Miami, it has to be said, has been struggling to perform at its peak in recent times. Nevertheless, unlike Detroit, Miami had the luxury of a day off on Thursday. This break should have given the Marlins the opportunity to regroup and prepare themselves thoroughly for this upcoming series. Despite their recent lackluster performances, Miami should be considered as the clear frontrunner against the Tigers on July 28th, 2023.

Detroit vs Miami prediction: July 28th, 2023

We’ve already stated what our tip for the game is. Take the Marlins at -1.5 and odds of +145 with bet365 (odds subject to change).

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