The game between the Cincinnati Reds and the Milwaukee Brewers (July 8th, 2023) will feature Luke Weaver as the starting pitcher for the Reds and Colin Rea for the Brewers. Weaver has struggled throughout the season, with an ERA of 6.72. This is a guy that you have to think Cincinnati will be looking to replace in the rotation unless he’s able to lower that ERA to something reasonable.

Weaver’s recent performances in June have been particularly weak, raising concerns about his ability to perform up to par. Interestingly, despite Weaver’s struggles, the Reds have managed to win all the games that he has started. This can be attributed to the strong run support provided by the Reds’ offense, a team that has really played well over several weeks. Elly De La Cruz, their prize rookie, is a big reason why we are seeing a big surge out of the Big Red Machine.

However, it is important to note that luck cannot continue indefinitely. Luke Weaver might better be called Fluke Weaver at this point. You simply cannot have an ERA over 10.00 for a month and hope to go undefeated as a starter. This is something Luke the Fluke did in the month of June. It would not be surprising if the Reds decide to pull Weaver early in this game if he struggles.

Cincinnati vs Milwaukee: betting recommendation

With Milwaukee, Colin Rea boasts a more respectable ERA of 4.40 for the Brewers. While he may not have that many standout performances, Rea appears to be a more reliable choice compared to Weaver. For impartial bettors, it would be wise to favor the Brewers in this matchup. Taking into consideration the situation at hand, our suggested pick is to take the Brewers. They are available with a handicap of -1.5 at odds of +150 (bet365).

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