Max Scherzer was in the news this week. Not long ago, the New York Mets traded him to the Texas Rangers. Scherzer followed that up with some comments that suggested that the New York Mets aren’t going to be trying to win next season. Stephen Hawkins headlined “Max Scherzer says the Mets told him 2024 would be a transition year, with eyes on ‘25” (Apnews/August 2nd). Our Chicago vs Texas preview for the game on August 3rd, 2023, sees Scherzer as a big reason why the Rangers are going to win big.

Rangers favored to win

The Rangers seem to have a significant advantage in this game, as indicated by Unibet sportsbook’s odds of -265 on the moneyline. The presence of Scherzer as the starting pitcher for the Rangers further strengthens their position. He is going to be focused and ready — and he will be up against a team that is nothing short of being a pushover. The Chicago White Sox are currently facing some struggles in their season. Bettors should not have any confidence in them.

Their current record is 43-66, which is quite disappointing. Their performance has been lackluster basically all season. In particular, they have a record of 14-30 since June 10th. This has resulted in a meager .318 winning percentage over the past couple of months. It seems evident that the Chi Sox are struggling with motivation, both among their players and management.

Chicago vs Texas preview: starting soon

The Texas Rangers are poised for a big victory in this game. Just take a look at yesterday’s showdown between these two teams. The Rangers dominated the White Sox with an impressive 11-1 victory. It’s becoming a pattern, as Chicago has suffered three consecutive losses by a margin of at least two runs. In fact, if you were to consider a handicap of +1.5 against their past eight games, the White Sox would only have a 2-6 record.

Texas also flaunts an impressive 36-20 moneyline record on their home turf this season. The runline isn’t as good but by taking a close look at their previous eleven home games, the Rangers have managed a commendable 7-4 performance. Given these numbers, we confidently suggest placing your bet on the Rangers to triumph in this game, with a runline cover of -1.5 at -121 odds with Unibet. The start time for the game is 2:05 PM ET.

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