Brock Purdy was a name in the news on Tuesday. The San Francisco 49ers announced that he is “cleared and ready to go,” according to General Manager John Lynch (qtd. in an ESPN article/July 25th, 2023/Nick Wagoner). Purdy had some injury issues late last season, a season where the 49ers had tons of QB injuries. However, the way things sound, he will be good to go when San Francisco opens their season in about six weeks.

Brock Purdy surprised many last season

Purdy was one of the surprising QBs from the 2022/23 NFL season. He started the season without much likelihood that he would even appear in a game. However, when Trey Lance went out for the season in Week 2, that meant Jimmy Garoppolo had to step in. Then when Garoppolo went out, Purdy filled in nicely.

Usually, teams that are playing their preseason QB3 are just writing the season off. But San Francisco made the conference finals and will be looking to improve upon that result in 2023/24.

According to the 49ers’ depth chart with ESPN, the quarterback situation is as follows: QB1 Purdy, QB2 Sam Darnold, QB3 Trey Lance, and QB4 Brandon Allen. The 49ers could have the most depth in the QB position, noting that Lance was considered a QB1 just this time last season. Furthermore, Darnold had some good passing games last season for the Carolina Panthers. There’s a chance that Darnold, who some have written off, actually bounces back — if given the opportunity.

Brock Purdy: Long Shot to Lead NFL in Passing TDs

Looking at some betting odds on San Francisco’s QBs, you could go with Purdy throwing for the most touchdowns. The odds on him are 40 to 1 but he’s hardly a shot a dark to do it. Purdy had 13 passing touchdowns in his six main appearances last season (he appeared in nine games but three appearances weren’t meaningful in terms of snaps). You have to think that just that little bit of experience will make him a better QB in 2023/24 than he was last season.

Also, Purdy lead the NFL in passer rating last season at 107.3. Again, the statistic needs to be taken with a grain of salt because he didn’t put together a whole season. However, odds of 40 to 1 on the passer rating leader to win a passing-related race certainly don’t need to be taken with a grain of salt. Our recommendation is to put your dimes and nickels on Purdy in this market.

Sam Darold and Trey Lance…opportunists?

The QB2 and QB3 both appear on the short list of favorites for Comeback Player of the Year. That’s an award for someone who has a really good season — to follow up on a bad one or a missed one. Sam Darnold is 20 to 1 in this tricky market, making him the 7th favorite. Trey Lance is 25 to 1 in this market, making him the 8th favorite. Yet, the only way either get any meaningful snaps is if Purdy flops, there’s a trade, or Purdy gets injured.

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