The Atlanta Braves lost on Saturday. They will face the Milwaukee Brewers on Sunday. If the Braves should falter in that game, it would represent their third-straight series loss. Atlanta probably won’t be touched in the NL East race. However, there is a race for the Best Regular Season Record that’s very much alive heading into Sunday.

The Atlanta Braves are 63-34 overall. They currently have the best record in the major leagues. The team that is closest to Atlanta is the Baltimore Orioles.

Atlanta has played .649 baseball this season while the Orioles have played .612 baseball to date. Their betting odds to have the Best Regular Season Record could be compared to one another. Despite just a small gap between the teams, Atlanta is -300 in the betting market with bet365. Meanwhile, Baltimore is +2000, odds that have been shortening recently.

With the 100-game mark coming in the 162-game season, conventional wisdom would hold that a team that’s just three games back of another is not a 20 to 1 long shot to beat that team. But there are other teams in the mix. The Tampa Bay Rays are +650, the LA Dodgers are +700, and then the Rangers are +2000 to round out the top teams.

Baltimore Orioles for Best Regular Season Record? Recent Form Alert

  • Formerly: 49 – 35 on July 5th, 2023
  • Currently: 60 – 38 (overall)
  • Recent form: 11 – 3 since July 5th, 2023
  • Recent winning rate: .786

In the midst of Atlanta’s struggles, Baltimore has really come on strong. They cannot be ignored as a value pick in this futures market. Another team, with really long odds, that could be looked at is the Cincinnati Reds. Have a look at what that team has done over roughly the last two months.

Cincinnati Reds: Recent Form Alert

  • Formerly: 21 – 29 on May 26th, 2023
  • Currently: 54 – 46 (overall)
  • Recent form: 33 – 17 since May 26th, 2023
  • Recent winning rate: .660

But let’s return to the Braves for a second. They are, in fact, a team that’s under very little pressure. Despite not playing well lately, they still have an 11.5-game lead in the NL East. This isn’t a team that’s facing divisional pressure. There is, in fact, no other team among the divisional contenders right now that the same could be said of.

Sorting this betting market out

What does it all mean? That Atlanta faces no divisional pressure is a clue as to how the Braves might play their season in the late going. Would it be surprising at all to see the Braves go into coast mode in mid-September? If they still have a big lead, then they would likely be simply going through the motions of completing their regular season while optimizing their starting rotation for the playoffs. You could picture Atlanta dropping down to a .615 team toward the end of the season.

Baltimore at 20 to 1 looks great in this market. Cincinnati at 500 to 1 looks great in this market too because of how long their odds are. The former is currently in the mix for the MLB regular season best record. Meanwhile, the Reds, if they simply keep up what they’ve been doing, might get into the mix sooner or later. A .660 winning percentage over two months is not to be ignored.

As for the other contenders, Tampa Bay has been garbage for over a month. Texas just took an injury to their MVP candidate. The Dodgers are looking dangerous but 7 to 1 in a market with several contenders can be passed on. Our recommendation is to go with both Baltimore and Cincinnati in this competition at the odds mentioned.

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