The Baltimore Orioles were back in action on Friday. They enjoyed a good start to the second half of their season. The Orioles defeated a strong NL team on Friday, the Miami Marlins, 5-2. With the win, the Orioles gained a half-game on the AL West-leading Tampa Bay Rays (MLB postponed Rays’ game on Friday).

Baltimore Orioles closed the AL East gap

The Orioles are now just 1.5 games back of the Rays in the AL West. At this point, Baltimore remains the second favorite for their division at +400 (Unibet). The betting odds look a tad too long. The Rays are the leaders in the division, however, they’ve been slipping for quite some time now. Surely, a 1.5-game lead with some 70 games to go can’t be priced at odds of -375. However, that’s what the Rays are set at with Unibet sportsbook.

AL East: Outright Winner Betting Odds

  1. TB: -375 (+1.5 game lead)
  2. Baltimore: +400 (-1.5 games)
  3. New York Yankees: +1200 (-8.5 games)
  4. Toronto Blue Jays: +1200 (-6.5 games)
  5. Boston Red Sox: +5000 (-8.5 games)

The odds above are betting odds. The odds below are subjective odds based on website staff opinion.

AL East: Opinionated True Odds

  1. Baltimore: +175 (implies 36.3% chance)
  2. TB: +200 (implies 33.3% chance)
  3. Toronto: +650 (implies 13.2% chance)
  4. Boston Red Sox: +1000 (implies 9.1% chance)
  5. New York Yankees: +1000 (implies 9.1% chance)

The betting advantage appears to be in backing Baltimore, Toronto, or Boston at this point. There is a big gap between 2nd place and 3rd place. At this time, the Orioles remain our top betting recommendation to win the AL East as the team most likely to win the division. Bettors could also sprinkle Boston with nickels and dimes as 50 to 1 has to be judged as simply too long.

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