The Seattle Mariners are one of the teams in Major League Baseball with really long odds that might still have a reasonable chance to win their division. The standings in the AL West see the Texas Rangers in first place, the Houston Astros two games back, and the Seattle Mariners six games back. The Mariners, clearly, are facing a significant deficit and they are chasing two teams: that will complicate matters for them as they try to hunt down the AL West pennant. However, they also have good odds and the winning/losing trends are actually in Seattle’s favor from some perspectives.

AL West Betting Odds (Unibet)

  • Texas Rangers -129 to win the AL West
  • Houston Astros +100 to win the AL West
  • Seattle Mariners +1500 to win the AL West

Doesn’t +1500 seemingly underate Seattle’s chances? Some might think the odds are about right, however, consider the following facts.

  • Texas has played just .312 baseball since June 21st, 2023
  • Houston has played .425 baseball since June 5th, 2023
  • Seattle has played .548 baseball since April 30th, 2023

The dates that are looked at above vary. For every team in the majors, there is going to be a different peak time as a point of reference. However, you have to like that Seattle has been a consistent team for more than two months now. When you throw out the month of April, Seattle is actually pretty good.

AL West: There’s Lots of Time Left

Teams in the majors have about 70 games to go. That’s the advantage to the underdog in this case, the teams with the deficits to make up. You have to like Seattle at +1500 partly because of that. Our recommendation is to go with the Mariners as a value bet in this market. The true odds for the AL West should probably look like this:

  • Houston +175 to win the AL West (implies a 36.4% chance)
  • Texas +210 to win the AL West (implies a 32.3% chance)
  • Seattle +333 to win the AL West (implies a 23.1% chance)
  • LA Angeles Angels +1120 to win the AL West (implies an 11.5% chance)
  • Oakland, off the board.

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