Vermont, which is known more for picturesque fall landscapes as opposed to professional sports, is one of the smaller states in the United States. Its low population means that it will never be a major player when it comes to sports betting.

However, bettors looking to check the status of legal sports betting in the state should be advised that a proposed bill advocating for the legalization of online sports betting in Vermont successfully passed through both the House and Senate in June of 2023. Of course, sports fans and industry-related professionals were happy with this development. Vermont joins the growing number of American states that have legalized sports betting over the last several years.

Vermont sports betting: late 2023 launch at the earliest?

The first hurdle has been cleared but, as of very early in July, there are others remaining. Launching a new industry always takes time as there is often affiliated red tape to handle, even after the bill goes through. An exact launch date has not been confirmed, but there is some speculation that the launch is likely to occur in late 2023 or early 2024. As per CBS Sports, writing on July 4th, 2023: “Vermont online sports betting is projected to launch in late 2023 or early 2024.”

Since Vermont is a small American state, it can’t support a major-league-level franchise. The state is unrepresented in the NBA, the NFL, the NHL, or Major League Baseball. Regional allegiances with those leagues will lay with teams based in New York State and Boston. There are also NHL teams just north and northwest of Vermont, however, those are in Canada.

The Vermont Lake Monsters is a minor-league team based in Burlington but minor-league sports betting lines can be hard to find on a regular basis. On the other hand, the University of Vermont has a host of teams that participate in NCAA competitions. The men’s basketball team has been in the NCAA national tournament more often than not in recent years. March Madness college basketball games do often have betting lines available with major sportsbooks. Which sports will be prohibited and which will be allowed is a matter of speculation at the moment.

Vermont will join other states in the region

Nearby Maine has not legalized sports betting yet, however, nearby New Hampshire has. It is also legal in New York State and Massachusetts. That means Vermont can’t hope for people to cross state lines to bet. Nonetheless, it’s an exciting time for those sports fans that want to bet. Likewise, it is a welcomed development for those in related industries in the state of Vermont.