Are you wondering what will become of all the Shohei Ohtani trade rumors? The favorite to win the American League MVP Award has been central to talks of a trade for a little while now. If you consulted betting odds as food for thought, then they would suggest that he will be staying exactly where he is right now — with the Los Angeles Angels.

Shohei Ohtani Trade Rumors: Odds Suggest He Will Remain an Angel

The Major League Baseball trade deadline is August 1st, 2023 this season. Sportsbook bet365 has a special market open right now: “Shohei Ohtani Team on August 2nd, 2023.” The Angels are the first favorite at -160. Then, American League contenders Texas, Baltimore, and Tampa Bay are next. They are all at 12 to 1 to have Ohtani on their rosters on August 2nd, 2023 (ie. +1200). The San Diego Padres are the highest-favored team in the National League, also at 12 to 1.

All 30 Major League Baseball teams have odds associated with them. But betting odds are not mathematically sound. That is to say that if you added up all the percentages that the betting odds would each imply for the entire market, then they would not add up to 100%.

We’ve listed the top favorites above. The Oakland Athletics are among the final favorites at 250 to 1 (+25000). Then again maybe if the Athletics can get him and extend his contract, it will help sell season tickets next season in Las Vegas.

Should the Angels just try to win?

Ohtani would make any of the contenders the presumptive World Series favorite. Teams like Texas, Baltimore, and Tampa Bay already have good records. If they add Ohtani’s arm to the rotation and his bat to the batting order, then it would be a huge addition.

Betting odds can be used to measure opinion in some ways. They can reflect betting trends. It seems that the ‘average’ opinion out there is simply that Ohtani will stay with the LA Angels. At 49-48, the Angels are not out of the playoff picture.